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What’s Architecture?

Architecture is…

hard to define, as well as architects get confused when requested to generate an unambiguous definition. If you’re searching to have an answer with two lines underneath, you will probably find it here (or otherwise).

It is really an attempt look around the insightful possible methods to this apparently simple question.

Whether the first association is: “architecture is… fancy modern building-design”, or “… the collective human heritage of built environments around the world” you may reconsider.

The word architecture…

using its Latin descent, architectura means “chief builder”, also it represents both process and also the product of planning, designing and constructing structures, based on Wikipedia.

Or, as Louis Kahn so eloquently place it: “the thoughtful making of space”.

Architecture has both an operating as well as an emotional side. Whether it’s the easiest human shelter, or even the grandest monumental cathedral, architecture reflects a persons condition.

Most are individuals who’ve attempted to pinpoint the phrase architecture, for good, but I’m not convinced anybody have managed to get it done yet.

The very first official attempt on defining architecture is made through the Roman architect Vitruvius within the first century. Based on Vitruvius, the mixture from the three concepts durability, utility and sweetness, are what ultimately define good architecture.


or, building technology, is doubtlessly essential in architecture, out of the box utility and sweetness is obviously desirable.

This definition, however, states nothing concerning the cultural, historic, political, or environmental implications of architecture. Possibly these aspects weren´t as relevant during the first century, but they’re certainly relevant today!


Architecture is certainly not otherwise a manifestation from the culture that surrounds your building site. With the collective and individual type of the built atmosphere, we are able to extract enough detailed information online concerning the corresponding society.


Seeing architecture being an expression of their culture is why it’s so vital that you preserve historic structures. They assist us interpret our predecessors, and therefore increase our knowledge of yourself and our heritage.

The majority of the structures the planet needs happen to be built, and also to a sizable extent we have to repurpose and redesign existing structures to satisfy our current needs. To do this right, we have to completely understand a brief history in our structures.

The political nature of architecture…

Is reflected in the way a government takes proper care of its existing building atmosphere, and just how it prioritizes with regards to future structures. Would be the new structures extravagant and fancy, as the the indegent reside in sheds? Or, are public structures stored inside a modest fashion, as the politicians emphasise social housing? Ultimately it boils lower to some political perspective.

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