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Role of Color in Interior Designing – And Tips For Choosing The Right Colors

Color plays a  very vital role in an interior design. It not only has a great impact on your emotions but also it changes the entire look of your room instantly. Just a glaze of paint can substantially change interiors, conceal design problems and other flaws.

What Do Colors Mean?

Red – stands for passion, determination, ambition, leadership, love and fierce.

Pink – stands for intimacy, unconditional love and compassion.

Blue – stands for loyalty, honesty, and trust.

Purple – stands for creativity, imagination, freshness, and awareness.

Orange – stands for optimism and motivation.

Yellow – stands for knowledge, it also invokes feelings of fun, happiness, enthusiasm, and hope.

Green – stands for emotion and energy, it also serves to balance and to create solidity.

Orange – Stands for energy, innovation and overwhelm.

Green – stands for calm, ease and soothes your mind.

Gray – Stands for serenity and gives a sense of relaxation.

Black – stands for power, elegance, strength, and sophistication.

Brown – stands for relaxation, security, stability, warmth, and honesty.

White – stands for purity, cleanliness, light, goodness, innocence, and safety.

Understanding the Basics of Color

Color is not only influenced by the surrounding but also by the light which falls on it. If you observe you’re the interior space closely, especially early in the morning there is a lot of natural light that falls in. Similarly during the afternoon when only sunlight exists the room tends to look different. Understanding how color appears distinctly influenced by the light present is crucial which will help you decide color scheme that will look pleasing all through the day. If you are having a tough time choosing a color for your space you can take guidance from interior designing services. Like at Urbanclap, you will be guided by the experts to choose a color for your space. Urbanclap has now come up with interior designer in Delhi.

 The Effects of Color

Every color has diversified effects. It has a capacity of enhancing your mood and minimize negative behaviour, it can decrease or increase your blood pressure, it can also boost your productivity and concentration, and it can even increase your cravings.

There is a lot of studies and interpretation of every color. As such, picking a color or a color scheme can be prodigious in many ways. One must have an interpretation of the ways colors relay meanings in culture and nature.

Color and Spatial Perception

Color can also make space appear bigger and even smaller than actually, it is. Having said that there are a few considerations to be taken before using it for any space.

Lighter colors tend to induce freedom and space while darker colors make spaces appear closed in. Brighter colors also have the propensity to make objects look bigger and closer. Darker colors, alternatively, make objects look smaller and heavier.

Color Schemes

When you talk about colors terms like ‘primary’, ‘secondary’, ‘complementary’ has to barge in. Then there are others terms like ‘tint’, ‘shade’, ‘warm’, ‘cool’ and ‘hue’. If you observe the color wheel, complementary colors are right over each other. When you use them concurrently, they will really accentuate each other. Shades are colors mixed with black on the other hand tints are colors mixed with white. It is important for your designer to have complete knowledge about color schemes and its features.

A Final Word

Trends keep changing . So you must pick a color that you adore, makes you feel good and also make you feel pleasant.

If you are hiring a design professional, they must use your personality as a foundation for your alternative in design and color. They should also be able to decipher your requirements and preferences while keeping in mind the purpose of the space. Only someone who has good knowledge and has experience in design. Like, Urbanclap their interior design services are superb and the workers are customer friendly. They have started their set up for Interior designers in Delhi.

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