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Keep Your Home Pest Free this Hurricane Season by Following these Tips

This article would always help you if you ever come to hear that the hurricane season is nearby. Apart from protecting your home from any kind of damaging effects the hurricane in Madison AL would bring along, you also need to shield your home against the pest infestations which take place as aftermath. In order to fully prepare yourself for the same, it’s high time to protect your home from pests by following these pest control tips.

  1. Catch up on the pre-storm pest control efforts

As soon as you hire the warning bells of a hurricane approaching, you can steer away from hurricane season pests by inspecting both interiors as well as exteriors of your abode in order to identify and address any issues that can be exacerbated by the imminent storms. Cracks should always be sealed with the help of silicone based caulk, if there is any water damage, address it ASAP, and the house should always be sloped in order to make the water flow away from the foundation instead of flowing towards it. Additionally, the ultimate pest breeding sources like garbage cans and mulch must always be placed far away from the house to keep the pests at bay.

  1. Drain the stagnant water to keep the mosquitoes away

Albeit, it may seem that flooding would wash away all the current mosquito population, but the remaining water acts as a medium for their breeding grounds for these biting pests. Mosquitoes merely need half an inch of water to in order to breed. This is why homeowners should always assess and address these sources of these stagnant water. It can be easily found in most obvious places where the flood water tends to accumulate, also don’t forget to check the birdbaths, clogged gutters, flowerpots, garbage cans, lids, and grill covers. When you drain and empty these water holders, you can keep the mosquitoes at bay.

  1. Get rid of all the tainted food and damaged debris to keep the pests away

Rioted food which is caused by long power outages in the bad weather can easily invite in the flies into your abode. Flies tend to breed on the rotten food which exposes your family members to many diseases. Get rid of the spoilt food in a sealed bag outside the house in order to keep flies away. This is why ensure that the very food is picked up by the sanitation authorities in a timely manner.

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