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How to choose ceramic floors: Make it good, pretty and cheap!

Do you have to choose ceramic floors for your house? It is not a small thing, especially if we consider the power of the floors in changing the appearance of a space. They are the support of the environment. For innumerable reasons, which I would like to tell you next, ceramic floors (in all their varieties) are one of the most frequent choices. But in fact, choosing ceramics is not something easy to do.

How do we usually choose a ceramic floor? Whatever the motivation, in general, there are usually not many reasons to explain why one decides something. And what happens if we want to take fewer risks? Something like trying to make the choice less “passionate” and more “rational”.

All roads lead to counseling.

The idea is to have two or three clear concepts as the followings:

  • Do not feel victimized by a salesman who does not stop talking.

    • Stay immune to the bombardment of so much variety offered.

    • In short, be sure of your own choice. We, for example, think that Carreaux Metro tiles are the best ones so far.

    I will try to go behind these 3 ideas, with simple words, so that at the end of the day, choosing ceramic floors for your home is something simpler

Make it “Good, Pretty and Cheap”.


There is a huge offer and variety for an appropriate choice in which good technical skills (resistance, hardness, etc.) are part of any of the leading brands. Therefore, in that sense, unless we want to experience little-known products, we should not take too many surprises.


If by “pretty” we are referring to its aesthetic qualities, here the thing becomes more debatable.

We agree that we all put a new floor “so that it looks nice …”, but, since beauty is such an abstract concept, there will be no formula that guarantees good results. As everything depends on the glass with which one looks, what for us can be a beautiful floor, for our neighbor can be something less than unpalatable …, which ends up reinforcing the relativity of the concept of beauty.


If by “cheap” we are focusing everything on an economic issue, to be honest, not everything can be done in this life. Let’s also recognize that fortunately the current ceramics offer an alternative according to each pocket, with an interesting range of options to find the one that fits your budget.

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