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Here’s How to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Did you know The Fiore di Cristallo, one of the most expensive kitchens in the world, is worth $1.6 million? Do you think installing a modular kitchen will cost you a fortune? Don’t worry, today you can completely reinvent your kitchen without going broke. Here are some tips that can help you bring your kitchen to life on a budget.

1.     Have a Plan

The trick to renovating your kitchen on a budget is to have a plan. Start with thorough research on the latest kitchen décor ideas, rates of various materials and the cost of hiring a professional. This will help you estimate the costs and make an informed decision. You can’t change your plan midway if it ends up being too expensive. So, it is best to plan in advance.

2.     Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The best way to transform your kitchen into a modern and stylish one is to repaint its surfaces. You can choose to paint selected surfaces or go the extra mile and paint basins, cupboards, timber panels and even the floor! Also, you can design a creative backsplash with various patterns and stripes. If you are not confident with your brush skills, you can also use stencils or wallpapers to create impressive patterns.

3.     Update the Lighting

For remodelling your kitchen without spending too much, you need to be critical and practical at the same time. If you find the lighting your kitchen very dingy and outdated, don’t look for excuses to retain it! Using pendant lights, under-cabinet lights and LED lights will not hurt your budget. However, don’t make your kitchen too bright. Instead light some focused areas, such as counters, cabinets and the kitchen dining area.

4.     Change the Flooring

While you might think that remodelling the kitchen floor will be daunting and expensive, there are certain ways in which you can transform the floor without burning a hole in your pocket. You can choose laminate floor boards or stick-on vinyl tiles, since they are less expensive and easy to install. Moreover, you can just opt to paint your floor in any desired pattern and colour. Make sure to apply a protective polyurethane coating over the paint.

5.     Work on Cabinets and Counters

Your cabinets and counters are an essential part of your kitchen décor. If you think your cabinets look outdated or worn out, you can just repaint and change the texture and finish. The latest kitchen décor ideas focus on open shelving, rather than closed cabinets, to create a sense of space. While granite counters are the most durable kind, you can also mix and match various materials to suit your budget.

You can transform your kitchen with simple kitchen design ideas with DIY tricks too or add a modular kitchen in stages, as per your budget. This will give you sufficient time to adapt the changes and decide your future plans.

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