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H1b visa considerations

The biggest premise of the H-1B application is that you have to have a job offer and the employer is willing to apply for H-1B for you. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on finding the partners who are willing to support H-1B to apply for employers. You have already entered the door of H-1B application! However, there are many precautions when applying for h1b visa.

In some cases, it is not subject to quota. No lottery is required. For example, you have occupied the H-1B quota in the past six years, and the employer still has legal status in the United States or the H-1B employer is a higher education institution or A non-profit organization associated with a university.

H-1B employees need to meet the current prevailing Wage, but employers are generally not so generous, and it is estimated that many small partners are still talking to employers about wages. Advise one sentence, don’t delay the application for the sake of not paying the salary. If your employer is unwilling to pay the current salary standard, you and the employer have a way to deal with it, such as proposing relevant legal basis, suggesting that the employer raise the salary; or apply for part-time H-1B, working for less than 35 hours/week. , can be counted as part-time, so that hourly wage meets the requirements, or adjust the job title: use other job title applications of similar positions to achieve wages.

The Department of Immigration stipulates that your subject area must be relevant to the work you are doing and that there is a high demand for the H-1B beneficiary’s educational background and position occupation. However, the correlation does not mean that it is completely correct. For example, Finance major does not necessarily have to be a counterpart to Financial Analyst. However, if you use Fiance to apply for a Computer Programmer-related position, there are some “slip lips”. Beneficiary Professional and Position Professional Non-compliance is a common reason why many small partners are required to make RFEs. In order to follow up on this issue, at this stage, it is recommended to confirm that your educational background is “related” to the job application and to confirm the job description provided by the employer (job description) ) and your specific responsibilities at the company are in line with your professional background.

In recent years, the h1b visa policy has continued to tighten. The h1b rejection (also known as h1b被拒) has gradually increased. Even the h1b renewal (also known as h1b续签) and h1b transfer processes (also known as h1b transfer 流程) have become more and more difficult. In the preparation of h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料), we need to be cautious. Many people will choose to entrust professional Lawyers, there are many lawyers in the Bay Area h1b (also known as 湾区h1b律师), but the level is uneven and everyone needs to choose carefully. Even the hardship of h1b visa applications has led many people to apply for other visas such as j1 visas (also known as j1签证).

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