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Five Common Places in your House where Cockroaches Hide In

Searching for cockroaches in your home is not exciting but you need to do it. Although they are intentionally harmful, you have to get rid of them quickly before they grow in numbers and claim your home. Cockroaches can carry pathogens which can transmit diseases. You might see one in the bathroom but you just never know there are actually more of them hiding somewhere in your house. Knowing where cockroaches usually hide will help you get rid of them and prevent them from coming back. Below are some places these pests love to hide in:


Cockroaches can sneak into cupboards to feast on spilled food bits. Their flexible body makes it easy for them to penetrate your cabinetry. Make sure your cabinets and pantry are regularly cleaned so they don’t attract roaches. Also, think about using a plug in pest control repellent to deter roaches altogether.

Kitchen Appliances

Cockroaches might be hiding in the back of your fridge, oven, or microwave. In fact, they can also be found in countertop appliances such as coffeemakers and toasters. This is because kitchens tend to be warm, has moisture, and a good place to find food debris. Always take the time to vacuum or mop regularly, clean under appliances on the counter, and wipe down counters after each meal.


Ceilings in dark rooms can be a perfect spot for cockroaches to comfortably sit upside down. When found, they will usually flee so check if your ceiling has problem areas or cracks where roaches can sneak into.


The pipes which run throughout your house are in dark places such as under sinks or in the basement. The darkness, together with moisture from leaks and drips will make a perfect oasis for these creepy crawlers. To make these places less welcoming for roaches, check drains, faucets, and pipes on a regular basis to ensure there are no leaks or drips. Also, seal holes or cracks around plumbing which lead to the outdoors because these flaws will give roaches access to your home.


Furniture like armchairs and couches has soft fabric and material which offer tight spaces in which roaches can climb and keep comfortable. This is especially if you spill when you eat your snack and watch movies. Because they find these areas suitable, they may lay their eggs there. You can prevent this by vacuum upholstered furnishings regularly and checking wooden furniture for egg casings that you must get rid of.

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