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Few Methods That Are Used for Foundation Repair

If there is any kind of movement in the foundation settlement then there can be serious structural issues like sinking of foundation. In case, there is a crack or minor shrinkage then it can be repaired. Cracks can generally develop either due to earthquake or heavy flood.

Foundation repair options are based on the geographic area of that location, as the condition of soil varies from place to place. However, normal method of repair in most of the location is by using concrete.

Following are few popular methods used for repairing of foundations.

  • Concrete pier

Most of the foundation companies typically use concrete piers during the pre-construction process of the building structures. Even for repair of foundation also these methods are used. Before invention of steel pier method, people used to go for this method only while repairing foundation. It is a permanent way to repair any kind of foundation however there are few drawbacks.

  1. Cost of repair too high
  2. It was little difficult to bring the drilling rigs in the residential areas for contractors who used to come for repairing of foundation.
  3. In order to repair one has to dig lots of dirt from the holes for these piers and therefore cleaning the mess was very difficult.

Because of these reasons, concrete pier was very expensive method.

  • Steel piers

By introducing the use of steel piers has in fact totally revolutionized the repair process of foundation. For any kind of landscape, it takes much lesser time and does not disturb much the foundation as compared to concrete piers. Therefore, nowadays steel piers have become much more favorable option for repairing of foundation.

  • Helical piers

For exterior repair of foundation and interior slab repair, helical piers are considered to be a better option. Not only for repair purpose but also if you are doing new construction work, you can prefer to go for helical piers. Certain light loaded areas like structures with vinyl siding or porch columns are a great match for such helical piers. In the market, these piers are however considered to be most underused, but versatile piers.

  • High density polyurethane foam

Repair of slab has become simple by using high density polyurethane foam. Here the foundation technician has to inject the foam in a checkerboard grid, which is about 6 feet on centre in the affected area.

People prefer nowadays this high density polyurethane method as it is very cost effective and fast method. However, one has to be careful if any HVAC ducts are running under the floor.

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