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Cover your rattan garden furniture in winter

Rattan furniture sets come in several styles and designs ranging from traditional styles to ultra modern clean line styles of furniture, this enables everyone to be able to find a rattan furniture set suitable for your taste and style. The main options available are rattan cube furniture, cube sets are dining table sets containing chairs with flip down backs which allow the chairs to be pushed underneath the dining table, when not in use. Please check out the rattan cube set section of the blog for more details.Another popular option of rattan furniture is corner sofa sets which give a fantastic informal seating arrangement for your garden, this is a very modern and contemporary look, which will certainly add the wow factor to your garden. Several companies offer a range of configurations including dining options, this allows some corner sets to be used for informal seating and formal dining occasions .

The truth is, I am not all that enamoured by our dining table and chairs out here. The set we have is perfectly workable and there’s nothing wrong with it per se but since the addition of our beautiful new outdoor sofa from West Elm, it just looks a bit blah in comparison. It was inexpensive and it’s done us well for the last few years so I really shouldn’t be complaining but it doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement. So, as a good little interior design blogger, I’ve been looking around to see what else might be out there.

Now this is one thing I think I’ve said in the past but I don’t think I realised until the past couple of years that we’ve been looking at garden furniture – garden furniture is hella expensive. The way I have to look at it (seeing that I don’t exactly have endless buckets of cash to spend) is that we don’t use our outdoor space as much as I’d like to. England as a whole doesn’t get exceptional summers as they do on the Continent or in the US where I’m originally from and I always feel a little ripped off by the amount of rain/cloud we get here especially in the North West.

When I lived in the States, as soon as June arrived, you knew you had at least a good 3 months of summer weather – there was some sort of unwritten guarantee that this is it. Summer is here. Get your shorts and flip flops out because you won’t need anything else for at least a little while. Here? Not so much. I pretty much never rotate a summer/winter wardrobe because there’s always the weird odd days of cold and rain that hits you from out of nowhere and you might find yourself reaching for that jumper in the middle of August. It happens, I know it happens and yet I still always feel a little unprepared.


When it comes to choosing garden furniture, quality is key. So, to help you choose the best possible products, look out for PE and HDPE rattans which are tougher and more eco-friendly than PVC, and opt for longer lasting aluminium frames over the more rust-prone steel versions.

we are dedicated to making your space functional and beautiful. We specialise in stunning rattan furniture to create a beautiful, natural look which is eternally chic. Rattan is crafted from a light, durable woven material which has long made it a classic and popular choice for outdoor tables and chairs, as it is flexible enough to be made into almost any shape and design.

Rattan garden furniture will be a wonderful summer edition to the garden. Upon delivery of the package you may have the question on how to assemble the furniture. Though it comes with instruction for assembling in can be a puzzle. If you follow some tips with along with the instruction, it can help to make the process a lot easier for you. Below we have shared some useful tips which will help you to assemble the furniture like a pro.
Here are some basic instructions that you need to follow while assembling any rattan garden furniture set :

• Separate and identify all parts. Make sure you have all the parts listed in the instruction.
• Assemble step by step and follow the instructions
• Assemble on a soft mat to avoid any scratches
• Do not tighten the screws completely until assembly is completed

Make a plan

It’s important to plan carefully and think about what you would like your garden furniture to achieve. Think about what sort of look, feel and ambience you want to create, but also how you would like to use your furniture. Will it be a place for pure relaxation, or a place to entertain, or both? Our casual dining suites such as the Palma Casual Dining Round Set are perfect for creating a space that’s not just for eating and entertainment but also a place for relaxation and loungeability. If you plan carefully, your outdoor room will be the perfect addition to your home.

Consider your space

Surely everyone has bought a piece of furniture that looked moderately sized in the shop but which resembled something from a giant’s mansion once they’ve put it in their home. Floor area can be incredibly deceiving like this, and the rule applies equally to the outside and the inside.

So before you even start to look at what’s available, measure your outdoor area and work out how much room you can give to your furniture whilst allowing you enough space to move around. How flexible do you want it to be? Will it be a permanent feature or do you need to have the ability to move your furniture around? Our lightweight aluminium options such as the Florence 120cm Round 4 Seater Set are strong and robust yet deceptively lightweight and easy to move around.

Think about storage

Your next consideration also involves size – where will the furniture be kept over winter? Good quality wooden furniture that’s looked after will survive the British winter, just like all those park benches and picnic tables do. A top tip is to make sure the metalwork (screws, plates, nuts and bolts) are made of steel or brass as they won’t corrode over time.

Plastic moulded chairs and tables will also be fine, although they might start to show their age earlier if left out in the sun, rain and frost throughout the year.

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