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5 Features Make Limestone Chimney Mantels Better Than The Other Types

Chimney mantels can be made from bricks, wood, as well as cast stones like limestone. But, have you ever wondered why limestone mantels occupy the interest of most buyers? Well, there are valid reasons that make limestone chimney mantels better than the others. Besides, you should also be aware of the tips on what companies are suitable to buy a chimney mantel from if you’re based in Canada.

5 Alluring Features Of Limestone Chimney Mantels That Are Absolutely Worth The Hype

Limestone chimney mantels are the in-demand artistic stone pieces fabricated to cover a chimney fireplace from all 4 sides. However, their value extends way beyond. And, the best 5 features that make limestone chimney mantels worth your money are listed below.

  1. Limestone endures the same strength as that of natural stone. But, at the same time, it’s far less expensive than natural stones. Therefore, limestone mantels are the best deals for people with all sorts of budgets
  2. Limestone is a temperature controlling stone that naturally warms the room by drawing in the heat from the fire. It makes limestone chimney mantels perfect for cold areas. Similarly, the stone remains cool during the summer season
  3. Cast stone mantels come in stunning luxurious styles resembling the Victorian and European style overmantels. Precisely, they carry the old-world grace, charm, and a kiss of royalty
  4. Cast stones can be cut in stunning shapes that look magnificent. Besides, the exquisite pieces like Omega limestone mantels are made by artisans with forefathers from the business of stone carving from the regal European times. In other words, such artisans know the age-old technique of stone carving that imparts realism to chimney mantels
  5. Limestone chimney mantels are so popular because they offer a range of variety. And such variety increases the chances that everyone will find a desirable pattern and shape. The most popular ones are Chocolate honed, Ash veined honed, taupe open cast, chocolate diamond, and Sahara veined honed

3 Features That Make A Chimney Mantel Company Worthy

There are many companies that manufacture and supply limestone chimney mantels. But the genuine ones like omega mantels share the following common features.

  • Genuine companies dispatch designers for inspection in order to collect details about the interiors of the house, room dimension, and the fireplace measurement
  • Genuine companies have a helpful assistance staff that will resolve your queries from the beginning till the end
  • Genuine companies hand out samples on request for customer satisfaction. Besides, they hire legacy artisans to make authentic chimney mantels with the same technique that was used in the medieval European days

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