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3 Factors to Consider before Buying a Home

While buying a home, you might think about the mortgage rates, pre-approvals, real estate agents and what not. And admit it, these very things make you feel overwhelmed. You might also want to know that these aren’t the only factors which are worth your concern. There are many more to consider. Read on for more.

  1. Don’t buy above your capability

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many of the people fail to consider the unforeseen changes to their financial condition. You should never invest more than 40 percent of your income on housing. The future is unpredictable and you should always be prepared for the unforeseen changes in your financial condition. Just in case, if you end up jobless, you don’t want to end up homeless as well. Seek for the homes that are on the lower end of your approved mortgage. Also keep other factors like home insurance, current and future maintenance costs and other renovations etc.

  1. Move in costs sneak up on you

When you rent, your landlord offers many tools and appliances. In other words, when you buy your first home, you will have to purchase the tools by yourself. Remember to buy lawn mower, weed wacker, washer and dryer, plumbing tools etc. factor in the cost. When you buy a new home, you might have more space than before, means you will need furniture and decoratives. Renovations cost thrice the price of the cabinetry you wish to purchase. This is why consider keeping the move in costs in mind as well.

  1. Consider the neighbours

Location is one of the main factors in the real estate. You might consider school districts and commute time, but you must also consider the neighbours as well. Do you want a noisy neighbourhood or a serene one? Ensure that your neighbours are in alignment to your needs. Once you move in, introduce yourself to your neighbours. They will come in handy to keep an eye on your house while you are out, offer a security sense and help you with your first plumbing disaster. The quality of your neighbours helps in improving your life or deteriorates it. So, make sure to consider your neighbourhood before signing in the papers.

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