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2 Best Practices When Buying a House

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments (if not the biggest) you can make in your life. As such, you should exercise utmost care when deciding on which property to buy. You don’t want to spend your money on a house that seems great, but once you move in, you realize that it comes with several issues and needs a lot of repairs. Remember that once you make a final purchase, there is no turning back.

So if you are considering buying a house in Bolton in England, for example, it pays to take your time when looking at the different properties for sale and determining which of these houses will match your needs and budget. Don’t be tempted to go for the first property offered to you, or for the cheapest offer. You can also enlist the help of reputable estate agents to help you find the most suitable home for you and your family.

Read further to learn the two best practices when buying a home.

Work With an Agent

A buyer’s agent is helpful in a lot of ways. They will help save you time because they will streamline the home buying process.

Reputable estate agents will provide you with a comprehensive write-up of the properties they have on their list. This also includes floor plans, Google maps showing establishments surrounding the property, and plenty of professional photos. And if you need additional information, don’t hesitate to ask them; they will try their hardest to give you the information you are looking for. This way, you can be well-informed before visiting the property personally.

If you are ready to visit the property, just inform the estate agents about your availability. Once you are done with the viewing, expect that they will be asking for your feedback. If you think this is the house you are looking for, good for you! Otherwise, they will further clarify your exact requirements to improve the chances that the next house you are to view is the right one.

A buyer’s agent’s assistance does not stop there. They will help you negotiate with the seller to get the best possible price. Once you accept the offer, you will be asked to give them documents confirming your buying position. Your solicitor will inform you if the contracts are ready so you can read and sign them. The keys to your new home will be given to you on the day of completion.

Perform a Home Inspection

While having an estate agent beside you to help you find the right property is advantageous, it is still crucial that you do a home survey. This will fully inform you of the property’s current condition, from outdoors to indoors. Any issues detected can also help you during the negotiation process.

Things to watch out for include:

  • A roof that requires a repair – A roof that is made from a sturdy material is equipped to defend against hail and wind.
  • Faulty plumbing system – Most homeowners neglect to check their property’s plumbing system until problems arise. So make sure to inspect the pipes and check for leaks and water damage. Most importantly, watch out for molds – this is not just unsightly, but is the leading cause of different health problems in homes.
  • Poor insulation – Your home must be comfortable, so make sure to check the heating/cooling system and the attic for proper insulation. Not only will this ensure a comfortable living space, but it will also significantly reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs.

But your senses can only do so much, so you should also consider investing in a professional structural survey. This is the best way to make sure that the property’s foundation is solid and that everything is up to scratch.

The home buying process can be a daunting and emotionally draining endeavor. It is not easy to find a property that suits your needs and budget. But with the help of trustworthy estate agents in Bolton, this process can be made a lot easier and faster. And don’t forget to have the property thoroughly inspected to make sure that it has a solid foundation and everything is operating smoothly.

AUTHOR BIO :- Sally Jones is a Director and Co-Founder of The Purple Property Shop, an award-winning estate agent serving Bolton, Bury and the surrounding areas of North West England. The Purple Property Shop was founded in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of Bolton’s leading estate agents, specialising in residential property sales, property lettings and management.

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